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Monday, February 15, 2010



I was VERY excited upon returning to the jail today and receiving in the mail some comments from this blog. I really appreciate everyone's thoughts and well wishes, and it is nice to know that people are following along. It looks like it's taking 7 days for my letters to arrive on the outside. I'm not sure if that will remain consistent now that I have an updated address to send correspondence. I guess we'll see. (editors note - responses to the comments will be at the end of this post).

Today we had biscuits and gravy for breakfast at 3am. At 8am the work day started. It was interesting. Three of us went with a county road crew and filled in (with asphault) pot holes and other little areas on the edge of a rural road that had chipped away. Two guys shoveled the asphalt out of the back of a dump truck and I packed it down with some sort of motorized, hand powered steam roller that looked a little like a lawnmower. The work was easy and we worked until about 3:30 when it began it rain. Up until that point it was a very pleasant day outside. Once I got back to the jail I was able to get in my normal exercise routine before dinner was served, which was spaghetti and a cookie (and something else I can't describe, but lets just say it looked nasty and I gave that to someone else).

All the talk around here today was
still about the Saints and the Super Bowl. Of course everyone wanted to be on Bourbon Street to celebrate. Not sure how many of these guys have actually been, but from hearing them talk you'd think it was their second home. I'd be surprised if more than four of the thirty here have ever actually been. Truthfully, watching the Super Bowl was kind of hard because I was thinking about my friends, my ex, and what a good time everyone was having without me. When the Saints won I was missing all the celebrating big time.

As soon as the game was over I actually made myself write out a list of all the reasons my ex broke up with me and why it was good that I wasn't partying on Bourbon St with everyone else. Writing out the list made me feel much better. I finally just had to concede to myself that had I been on Bourbon St I would have blown a thousand dollars and had nothing to show for it. Besides, people in NOLA party darn near 24/7. They'll still be partying for years to come and I'll just have to join in later. I'm over it. (editors note - I know this contradicts itself a bit, but it is how it is written)

So...what goes on in jail? There are 30 guys in here right now. I am the only one writing. Two guys are watching NCIS on tv. Two guys are sleeping. Two guys are playing chess and four guys are playing spades. One guy is in the shower and one is on the phone. Everyone else is lounging or talking. It is VERY loud in here. Something new happened tonight...the four guys that are playing spades noticed that I was reading the blog comments and inquired as to what I was doing. I explained it to them and they seemed very intrigued, but didn't quite know what to say. I think their curiousity will increase as I do this more and I should be able to receive some input from them.

To address the blog comments..(some were already addressed in a previous blog entry)

MamaB - no library cart yet but there are enough books floating around in the cell that I have not yet lacked any reading material. I'm on my third book, all three of which have been fictional crime dramas. The current book I am reading is "The Last Juror" by John Grisham. Apparently the library cart in this jail doesn't have any type of regular or set schedule. My first meal in here was a "chicken fried steak" looking thing with mashed potatos and gravy. I think there were some carrots and a couple of cookies. We were given a lunchroom sized carton of 1% milk. This jail has no outside rec area. It used to have one, but the county is currently building a new jail adjacent to this old one. The new construction has consumed the old rec yard. The guards have called for inside rec twice, but I have not gone. Apparently inside rec is just meeting inside the activity room. There is nothing in the activity room that isn't in our tank. Luckily, now that I am an outside trustee, I get to see a lot of the outside. Writing is very therapeautic and is keeping me occupied for 1 to 2 hours each day. Thank goodness for this blog and all of my friends!

Anonymous (2/5) - Hopefully I answered your question in a previous blog post, but more specifically the guard comes into the tank with all of the day's mail. He or she calls the last name of each person that has mail. The guard opens the envelope in front of us and quickly checks the contents of the envelope. All of the guards have been as respectful as possible with all of my mail. All the inmates that do not receive mail are envious of those that do.

Java Jenny (2/5) - In all likelihood I will be going to prison within 45 days of Jan 27th. That is the amount of time the state has before they begin accruing chargers due the county for housing me. Stranger things have probably happened (staying in county an extended period or getting paroled from county paroled in absentia), but I am guessing I will be moved sometime in between March 5th and March 15th. Thanks for reading and I appreciate the support.

Anonymous (2/5) - Glad I could help entertain you! Yeah, my priorities probably haven't lined up too well over the last few years. However, I have already made some very positive changes (exercising and eating healthy). I obviously need to change a lot of other things, but I'm determined not to go back to being overweight. It feels so much better to have the weight off and I'll need a date once I get out of here. Much easier to do when I'm in shape. A sincere thanks for the light sarcasm. That definitely fits in with my personality. Hope to hear lots more light hearted comments.

Jill (2/5) - What's up? Thanks so much for commenting on the blog and for sending the personal letter. The "Get Out of Jail Free" card you sent almost worked. I was halfway out of here before the guards figured out it wasn't real. Thank goodness they didn't shoot. Not texting is weird, but I'm about to get used to it. However, I'm still reaching for my cell phone whenever I want to know the time or whenever a noise on tv sounds like my ringer. I miss you too. When I get out of here we're gonna surpass the record of 13 set in Spring 2009 (8?)...Can't wait. Also, I have your address now so I'll write you back soon. Thanks!

That's all for now. Thanks again. Please keep the personal letters and comments coming. Good night!


  1. Your blog is very interesting! How fortunate that you have a friend that will do the blogging/editing for you! He(or she) is doing a great job!

  2. totally agree with you on that!

  3. Hello! I was referred to this blog by someone on PTO and i am truly grateful to them. Thank you for creating this type of blog. My brother will be sentenced tomorrow (Ash Wednesday) to 6months to 2.5 years and my family is devastated. The lawyer said that the sentencing will be the hardest for all. He's going to be in a house of corrections. We have no idea what or where to begin. How does the family find out all of the information they need to make sure that my brother has what he needs to start doing his time (i.e. canteen money, etc)?

    Thanks again for doing this. I always look forward to reading about your day.

  4. Seriously... You didnt even make it the whole week!!! You punked out on day 5!!! I almost didnt make it for day 6 but you drug me out... hungover... and said drink!!! It worked and you did what you do and left me at Pub!!! Again!!! LOL... I miss those days! I was either getting left there or sleeping in the truck while you went from place to place!! HAHA... I am not as exciting as I use to be!! You will have to tell me about the letter to "the ex"... I really hope everything turns around for you when you get out!

  5. Wow, Jill sounds like a fun girl. A few comments about your blog entries so far. If spaghetti and cookies is far healthier than you were eating before, I don't even want to know what your diet consisted of prior to that. If you want to get in shape, eat protein and good fats, and drop the bad carbs...cut out bread, pasta, sugar, etc as much as possible, and eat as much chicken, tuna, eggs, nuts, etc as you can get. If you do have any carbs or sugar it should actually be right after you exercise, because your blood sugar drops when you exercise and needs to be replenished. As far as watching Lost, don't even try if you haven't been watching it. It's hard enough to keep it all straight if you've been watching it from the beginning. If I was in a cell with a bunch of guys, I think I'd probably try and get the tv on shows like Survivor and Amazing Race, where you can pull for someone. 24 is intense too and will hook everyone immediately. What all do they have in the commissary as far as food and snack items go?

  6. Watch The truly is the most dramatic season YET! LOL
    Love ya,