If you have any questions for Andy about the prison system, what it is like, what goes on there, or anything, please leave the question in a blog comment and Andy would be happy to answer it. It keeps him occupied and allow us to learn about the system.

Also, for his friends, he would LOVE to get pictures of anything, so if you have his address, please send them to him, or if you would like to email them to the blog editor, you can do that and he will print out the pics and mail them to him.

He is now attending the class he must take before his release, and he will mention the journal entry memo they discussed that day in class.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010



It's about 9pm on Tuesday right now. I'm in a pretty good mood as I have been writing Valentine's letters for the last couple of hours. I hope they all arrive on time, but I think I may be a day too late on sending them out.

I went to sleep early last night and slept solid from 10:30 until 3 when breakfast started. After breakfast I was a little disappointed I couldn't fall right back to sleep. I think I tossed and turned until 4:30 or so. We worked outside most of the day doing the same type of work as yesterday. The weather was beautiful today. I think it's supposed to get cold on Thursday so I'm sort of dreading that.

In my normal life I have two dogs. One is a chocolate lab named "Tank". I definitely miss him. He was my running partner. Anyway, today while at work this yellow lab came strolling along. I started petting him and
it was amazing at how such a thing could instantly put me in such a good mood. I wonder what is name was. He was almost white, and if he were mine I would have named him "Casper".

I did my exercise routine today, but I only did about 75% of the reps. I'm still a little sore and was a little fatigued today when I started. Also, I'm beginning to think that sleeping on my hard bunk bed is making me sore as well. Not sure what to do about that yet, but I'll work on it.

One of the guys in my work crew named PJ discussed the blog with me tonight. He indicated he may want to write in the blog. He seems like a good guy that, like myself, made a few very poor decisions and managed to land himself here in this county jail. I will encourage him to write as often as he likes and will share your comments with him.

Well, I guess that's all for tonight. I've been writing for a total of about 3 or 4 hours now and my hand is about to fall off. I didn't get any comments back in the mail today, but I'm looking forward to receiving some tomorrow.


  1. Depending on what state you are in and what unit you are put on, some have it to where the inmates work with the tracking dogs and take care of them. Maybe that is something you could checki into where you are at.

  2. I think you should consider training police dogs like larry does!!! I think it is definately something you would be good at... or if not police dogs then hunting dogs. There is a good market for it and you are obviously good at it. Maybe you could start by teaching humphrey not to pee pee on the carpet!!! Just something to think about. And p.s. I miss tank too!!! I love that dog and I considered asking you if i could keep him, but I knew he wouldnt be happy cooped up in a tiny apt all day :(... I wish that i would have had a yard!

  3. I was under the mistaken impression that I would some how get notified when there was a new blog entry...oops! I have not been here in about 2 weeks. My bad, I will check back daily from now on. I'm glad you are doing as well as can be expected. That's awesome you got picked to be a trustee and you can get out during the day even if it is to do menial tasks. On the exercise thing...If you are getting an hour a day and building up a good sweat and keeping it to 3 squares a day you are doing better than 90% of the outside world. I can't imagine you are getting to much more than 2500-3500 calories in a day and I bet you are burning up at least 700-800 with an hour of vigorous exercise, plus now you have your trustee duties which are keeping you busy and burning calories too. I think you are going to be in the best shape of your life when you come out. I will send my 2nd letter tomorrow February 17th. It definitely brings me peace to know you are doing well and getting along.