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Thursday, February 18, 2010



The letters and correspondence I receive in here totally bring back an instant sense of normality.  Thanks to my mom, grandfather, and KS for sending stuff, and a special thanks to the AG/AB household for my new wall art.  The letter writing I am able to do is now making 2 to 3 hours a night just fly by.  Due in part to some of the things I have been able to read and to my own personal experiences and feelings, the last couple of days seem to have become much more routine and manageable.  I'm not sure how many of you will fit into this category, but I know that in my normal daily life I live by constant timelines and deadlines.  Well in jail, there are no deadlines.  There are meal times, but I don't have to attend.  Theoretically I could
lie in my bunk all day long each and every day of the week and and no one in the free world would be the wiser.  No one in here would care either.  Time seems to have no relevance here, and it takes a little getting used to.  Somehow though, my brain is already beginning to adjust to this.  I suppose it is a credit to the human psyches ability to adapt and remain sane.  I just hope as time goes on I can continue to adjust because with no timelines, deadlines, or much of anything to look forward to, I think it could be easy to begin to become unmotivated, go crazy or get depressed.

Hopefully I can use the time to be productive and don't allow myself to get unmotivated.  The one thing I am able to look forward to on a daily basis is in the late afternoon when mail is delivered.  On a big picture level, I look forward to going boating on the lake once I get out of here.  That might sound sort of funny that I am looking forward to something that is so far away, but it's the truth.

Yesterday work was a little different and refreshing.  Four of us were sent to move a bunch of file boxes at the courthouse.  In the real world, I own a moving company, so it was nice to do some normal work yesterday, despite not getting paid.  Two nice ladies that worked in the room where we were moving gave us some cold cokes and homemade crackers.  When I was offered the first coke yesterday, I initially declined because I only drink diet cola.  My boss, a nice and funny black man then said to me "You on a diet?  Come on in jail!" so I laughed and took the coke.  It was so good and so cold.  The lack of seasoning on the food in here really makes you yearn for things that are sweet or spicy.

Well, the NBA slam dunk contest is on tonight, so that should be a couple of hours of entertainment for everyone.  I guess I'll close here, but thanks again everyone for reading, writing and commenting.


  1. Happy Valentine's Day!
    Did you know that the Dallas Morning News reported that they (whoever they are) flew in 40,000 hookers to Dallas for that NBA GrandSlam gig. WOW!! Who knew???
    AG/AB household

  2. Got 2 letters from you today!! YEA!!!!!
    Just wanted to let you know that "Welding for Dummies" doesn't come out until September 2010...hoping I can hand that one to you in person. I sent you another book today on welding. Should arrive in 3-5 days. Let me know.

  3. I don't think I've watched an NBA all-star weekend since we were in 8th grade and we spent tne night at Tommy Burt's house. Remember that? That was the weekend John Skolaut fell out of the tree and broke his ankle. The night before we walked around Western Oaks until 2 or 3 in the morning. I won't go into much detail as to what we did, but that was a fun night.

  4. MATT!!!

    It's April. I hope you are having a good day. I ate crawfish last weekend and thought about you :) I am really enjoying reading your blog and am happy to hear that you are safe and not getting beat up and loved on ;) hehe. I am going to mail you a book soon, so be looking for it. Stay positive! This is just a tiny bump in the road and you have a great road ahead of you :)


  5. I wonder if old Tommy still has that "PINK" GT-Bmx bike. (pegs in the front and back). Also, ask around and see if anyone in there knows the name of that old restraunt on Brodie where Sonic used to be. ( Seriously I want to know !!!)--------- Hmmm.... John in a tree at 3 in the morning with 2 shot putters below ????? I have a good guess Shane.