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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


The activities in this tank have grown routine pretty quickly and there isn't much new to write about.  I have sent out a couple of personal letters and hopefully I will receive some back pretty soon.  I think receiving outside correspondence while in here is like taking a 24 hr happy pill.  Speaking of pills, I should mention I have never taken a drug in my life.  Haven't had a puff of marijuana or taken an illegal pill. I am only mentioning my lack of drug use to point out the perspective that I am coming from as I write this blog. I have found out that fact alone separates me from 98% of the people in here.  I didn't know how often some people smoke or the amount of pills that are taken.  The nicknames for all the pills escape my vocabulary.  So when people talk about them I just nod and smile.  Personally, I couldn't care less about any drug that anyone smokes, shoots or takes as long as they aren't wearing me out about wanting to borrow money to buy them.  To each his own.

On the human interest side of stories in here....there will definitely be a fight about the
tv very soon in here.  I share a locker with a young guy, who last night was hassled into admitting that he was gay.  I don't know why anyone would make a big deal of it..he's as nice kid.  There is one hispanic guy in here whose nickname is "Black".  Then there is a black guy nicknamed "White" and another one nicknamed "Blue".

Now black seems to be a little crazy.  He may need medication.  He does not look like he belongs in here. (editors note - I hope this doesn't mean he thinks HE belongs in there!)  He is probably close to 300 lbs and doesn't look like he's ever heard of exercise.  He is diabetic and supposed to be on a restrictive diet, but he gets other guys to buy him honey buns because he needs at least two a day.  I was very curious about his back story so I asked him why he was here.  He explained that it was for theft and that he had stolen a couple of tv's (I thought there is no way he could carry a tv).  Then he told me he was in for six years, but that he would be out by October.  I inquired a bit about why he would be out then and he let me know that Jesus Christ had let him know he would be out then.  I tried to inquire further, to see if his potential early release was something I could learn from, but I didn't get any details other than the fact that "voices" told him to break into city hall, steal money, keys and tv's. (City Hall is across from the police dept)  The guy is not healthy and not well, and I don't think he needs prison....but I'm not sure what he needs.  I feel bad for him.

"White" used to work for my company about ten years ago.  I didn't recognize him, but he recognized me.  Truthfully, I still don't remember him, but I have talked to him at length and everything he says checks out and makes sense so I am sure he is telling the truth.  How did I got from making hundreds of thousands a year to being in jail with an ex-employee?  I guess I was just that stupid and careless.

As for my feelings, I am a lot less anxious about my current situation of being locked up and about my life when I get out.  I know these feelings will change, but I feel like I'm ok for right now.  I can tell that when I get out I will have a new patience and understanding that very few people have and it will help me immensely in business situations and personal relationships.  Thanks to everyone for reading and you'll hear from me again soon.


  1. The Tank sounds "NO BUENO"------- Eddie C.

  2. sounds like Reservoir Dogs...can I start calling you Mr. Pink?
    Miss you!