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Friday, February 5, 2010


1/28  11pm

Today was my first full day in one place.   Commissary was just delivered about an hour ago.  I don't like the pens they give us from commissary.  It's nothing you would buy at Office Depot...I can't quite describe it, but it resembles nothing that a normal person would use to write anything of length.  The food today was ok and I probably ate too much.  I haven't done any exercising yet, but I will definitely start tomorrow.  I gave my mom a call today to let her know my inmate number and mailing address so that hopefully when she distributes it to my friends I can receive a few letters now and then.

There are now about 20 or so people in our tank, and there are not enough bunks for everyone so some people are on the floor.  Luckily I'm not one of them.  I talked to a handful of guys about their back stories.  Nothing is too terribly interesting or out of the ordinary.  One kid is 17 years old and is here because he hit his dad.  Another guy is a Carne (Traveling Carnival Guy) from Pennsylvania that got stopped with drugs in his car.  One person ran track at a major university and is here on some sort of drug technicality.  About the only funny story is that there is one guy here from out of town that was
arrested for writing a hot check.  He has used the phones to call every single bail bondsman in town to try and get out.  He is sort of goofy but I think everyone realizes he is  pretty scared and aren't giving him a hard time.

Overall it has been a long boring day.  There are no reading materials in here so there is nothing to occupy my time other then the TV.  I purchased a calling card so I will be able to call close friends if necessary.  There is hot water in the shower but there is no way to heat water enough to make coffee or soup.  My emotions today have been all over the board.  One minute I am upbeat and optimistic about an early parole and then ten minutes later I start to think about how awful it would be to stay for three years.  I am also still pretty stressed out about my ex girlfriend, but out of respect for her, I think that should remain a story for another time.

On a little lighter note, most everyone in here is really missing their cell phone.  I keep thinking I am hearing my text notification sounding off.  I am used to sending about 1500 texts a month so this lack of communication is rough.  By the way, is sending 1500 texts a month normal?  (transcriber comment - NO!)

That's it for tonight.  Thanks for everyone's support.  To all my close friends feel free to email my mom if for some reason you didn't receive my mailing address.  Good night.

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  1. Hey I came across this blog from PTO, I wanted to tell you to stay strong and keep your head up. Second I think it is great that you are doing this blog. Me and my husbnad are co-writing one, about his expierecne on the inside and mine on the out. I think it is a great way to help others in the same situation or that will be facing the same situation.

    May father time speed up so everyone can get home to where they belong.