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Thursday, February 4, 2010


I am writing this at 3 am, Thursday, January 28th.  I am pretty tired after this long day.  My sentencing hearing took about two hours to complete this afternoon and I got the the booking department of the jail around 4pm.  It has taken this long to actually get to my cell.  The workers at the county facility are pleasant and so far the experience has not been bad.  I did get my hopes up at the sentencing hearing because we were almost able to work out a deal to significantly reduce my jail time.  Ultimately this did not happen, but I am fulfilled that my attorney was able to give it a solid attempt.  I will be able to rest easier knowing that we have tried everything.

Luckily, commissary for the week was on the 27th, and since I was technically in the jail on the 27th I was able to buy a lot of necessities today rather than having to wait a week.  I bought extra t-shirts, boxers, paper, pens and envelopes along with some junk food to snack on.  There were a few healthy items on the list that I bought too.  I even bought some sardines to try.  As most of my good friends know, I have lost about 50 lbs over the last year.  If I gain it back while in jail I'm going to be pissed.  My weight coming into jail this evening was 214 lbs (I'm 6'2).  I hope to use the time in here to get into some good exercise habits, but it is going to be really tough to start exercising in this county set up.  There is very little extra space.

Everyone in my "tank" is asleep right now but
it looks like there are about twelve or so of us total.  The total amount of space we all have is about the size of a large living room.  Needless to say, it's cramped.  There are eight total cells separated in the middle by two metal tables.  Some cells have bunk beds and some only have a single bed.  Each cell has a sink and a toilet.  We have a roll up style mattress, a sheet and a blanket to sleep on.  No pillow.  There is a single, small, flat screen tv that is about the size of a computer monitor for all twelve of us to share.  We do have cable, which was a very welcomed surprise.

So far all of the other inmates I have been around have seemed friendly enough.  Two of the guys that came through booking with me are now in my cell.  I think, but I am not totally sure, that the cell I am in right now is only temporary.  I believe we will be transferred to the main county jail in the next few days.

Hopefully tomorrow won't be too boring.  It looks like there is no newspaper, books, or anything else to occupy our time.  To all my good friends reading this, please send letters or leave comments on the blog, and I will make sure to write a letter back or respond to your comments on the blog.  To everyone else reading the blog, please respond and leave your comments, questions, and answers.  I will ultimately receive a copy of them from my friend who is supervising this blog from the outside and I will respond to everything.


  1. Stay strong my friend. Just dropped my first letter in the mail today. I've gotta say it felt a little weird writing a letter instead of an email or text. I haven't written a letter in at least 20 years. I also threw a bunch of stamps in the envelope too.

  2. So good to hear an update. Hopefully they will bring a library book cart around and you can pick something off there to read. What was your first "in house" meal? Do they give any outside rec time at all? Keep writing, Im interested in every step of your way. Remember, each day you wake up, its another day closer to the end of this trip.

  3. Do you get your mail with the envelope or do they open it first and take you letters out? How is all that done? Just curious!

  4. I was just curious, will you be going to prison at some point or staying at the main jail? Stay strong and stay positive and thank you for sharing your journey with us.

  5. Never thought I would LAUGH OUT LOUD over the blog, but when you mentioned how you'd be pissed if you gained the weight back I thought THERE'S a guy who has his priorities straight, lol.

    You'll learn all the interesting exercises you can do in close quarters. Just start watching the guys who have been there before.

    Take care, stay safe and stay out of trouble!

  6. I miss you sooo.... much. I sent you a letter and I cant wait to hear back from you!!! I have almost text you and called a couple of times just to see what you were doing :( I cant wait until you get done with all of this!