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Saturday, February 27, 2010



Happy weekend to everyone.  It's about 10am on Saturday.  I think I've been up for about 30 minutes.  I went to bed before 10pm last night and got a very good night's sleep.  I was dead tired and couldn't even muster the energy to write.  The last three days at work have been pretty exhausting.  I did manage to read a little before I dozed off and I think that made the sleep even better.  I woke up at 3am for a wonderful breakfast of bread, hashbrowns, sausage, and a 5 year old's portion of Fruit Loops.  At least the milk was really cold.  Saturdays are alright around here.  It really does feel like our version of the weekend in here since no one leaves to go to work.  Sundays are boring because I start to grow antsy, but I'll deal with Sunday tomorrow.  I need to do a lot of letter writing today so I hope that at least half of my afternoon will be occupied with that.  By late afternoon I hope to be rested up enough to get in a full and lengthy workout.  I have exercised the last three days, but the sessions have been short because I have been tired from work.

Yesterday was a good day at work.  We went to the county courthouse and did some work on a courtroom that was being renovated.  We finished texturing some walls that had re-sheetrocked, sanded all the walls, primed a couple of existing walls that were already painted, and then we painted the entire courtroom and several offices behind the actual courtroom area.  Best part about the whole deal was lunch.  The county maintenance worker that was leading the project bought us
three pizzas and crazy bread from Little Caesars.  We also got Dr. Pepper, Coke, Mountain Dew and Orange Crush.  I have been craving pizza ever since I got here.  Damn it was good.  I wish I had some leftovers to eat right now.  I think they will be serving us a burrito here in about an hour.  T say it will leave me less than satisfied is an understatement.  I sure do wish I could have some boiled crawfish, corn and potatoes for lunch.

Now to some comments....(editors note - three comments were responded to in the "there goes my diet post," in case you missed them)

Mama B (2/14) I'm not sure what the SOP is here for obtaining a trustee position.  I know that the severity of your charges can't exceed a certain level.  For example, nothing aggravated, no sex crimes, no evading arrest charges, etc.  I suspect that the guards probably saw me exercising in the tank everyday and thought I'd be a good candidate for outside work.  Also, I apparently look like an undercover cop who doesn't belong here.  Yes, I know this is making my friends laugh, but I have been asked by no less than ten inmates and at least six non-inmates if I was an undercover cop.  What answer did they expect?  "Yes, I am a police officer, please turn around and put your hands behind your back."  I don't think I'd make a good undercover cop.  Not sure if I could lie that well.  We haven't gone to work to pull weeds yet, but I can definitely see it happening.  We have cleared brush a couple of times.  When we do go out to work I regain some control over my situation here.  I have the choice of being lazy all day and just getting by on the job or I can step it up and outwork everyone.  I am not a lazy person and really don't like being around those who are.  It is my goal to outwork everyone else out there every single day.  I will outwork the inmates; I will outwork the guard and I will outwork the civilian county guys that are out there with us doing the same manual labor.  We have done a couple of tasks that involved a certain skill that I didn't have (for example-texturing the walls yesterday.)  When stuff like this pops up I just start doing the grunt work.  At no point in time will anyone work harder than me while I'm here.

I have heard much talk about how jail and prison can be an emasculating experience.  I do not agree with that.  I can understand how certain events in jail are emasculating, but there are many things in every day life that are emasculating when taken on a singular level.  (For example, losing a large business deal, getting rejected by a girl, spilling food in a restaurant.)  An episode can only emasculate you if you let it.  My reactions after a particularly embarrassing or weak moment define my masculinity.  This has always been the case for me.  If I need to act humble in here to further my cause then who cares?  If I need to appease a guard that is on a power trip then who cares?  My battle while I'm here is to be approved at the first opportunity I have to make parole.  If I accomplish that, then I win, period.  The end justifies the means.

Mama B (2/15) I would enjoy reading the recipes.  The guys in here make a little bit of everything, but it would be funny to see it written down.  What goes on in jail punctuates the saying "Necessity is the Mother of all invention."  Furthermore, jail and jail recipes prove that Ramen noodles are the 5th food group.  Trust me on the daiquiri mix and good luck on your search.  The chocolate is tough to find.  Once I get to the actual prison I will probably not make this blog public knowledge.  It's already harder to write freely in the county jail with some of the guys staring over my shoulder.  Thanks for writing.

Ginger (2/15) Agreed.  Mail call is absolutely the highlight of the day.  Please keep all the letters and comments coming.  Thank you.

Anonymous (2/16) I am sorry you are going through the difficult situation about your brother.  I don't know exactly how my family felt at my sentencing, but I can tell you that it was miserable, stressful, and very sad.  Personally, I only got two or three hours of sleep each night for about the two weeks prior to my sentencing.  None of my family came to my actual sentencing hearing in the courtroom.  We all felt it would be best to avoid that emotional storm.  We said our goodbyes in the morning before the hearing started.  I began to feel more relaxed almost immediately after the hearing.  The anticipation of something of this magnitude is exhausting.  What sentence did you brother ultimately receive?  Will he be eligible for parole?  PTO is the best site to visit for overall information about prisons.  Everything you could want to know is on there and any questions you ask will be promptly and courteously answered.  Don't be afraid to register and talk or ask about anything that is on your mind.  I initially spent about $150 in here to buy some essential shower items and extra clothes.  After that I've spent about $40 a week on food and other items.  It would be less, but I spend about $15 a week on pens, paper, envelopes and stamps.  Good luck and please keep reading this blog.  Hang in there.

I didn't quite get to write everything I intended today (Editors note - Thank God...this post is taking FOREVER to type up!) but I'm going to wrap this up now in order to get it in today's outgoing mail.  I'll finish up with more tomorrow and put that letter in Monday's mail.  I hope everyone enjoys a great weekend.  Thanks, and I'll talk to you soon.


  1. FRUIT LOOPS ON SATURDAY MORNING !!!! Did you watch cartoons and World Class Wrestling too ???? ------- I forgot about crazy bread.

  2. Im glad you got out to get some physical work and fresh air. Like milk, it does a body good, right? Your attitude is so right on. My son says the same thing about getting to work. He loves it when he can get out and do something physical. Whatever gets you out of there asap is what you need to do, my undercover cop friend! (LOL). Thats funny. If you were, I wonder what purpose you would be serving by impersonating an inmate? Ill be glad to send the recipes if I can get a way to do so. Maybe your hardworking, friendly editor can open an email acct for us to send such things. Then he could just print them out and send with letters. Good idea, hmm? (not so subtle hint)I think its a good idea now that you are out of county to keep the blog private. Crawfish, potatos and corn sounds awesome, tho Ive heard the prices are pretty high this year.