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Tuesday, February 23, 2010



I worked all day today outside doing the same thing as yesterday.  The weather was great again.  Although it was mindless manual labor it did feel good to finally work all day long at something that left me a little tired and the end of the day.  I think I may have even gotten a little sunburn over the last few days.  I guess that's a quality problem since I'm in jail.

I am going to try to start telling a story about or describing some of the other guys in here.  Maybe that will give everyone a little better idea of the dynamic in here.  First is a guy named "Catfish" who is caucasian and probably around 23/24 years old.  I don't know if he has completed high school, but he certainly has no college education (I'm pretty sure that no one in my tank has any college credit, but I'm not certain).  He has a big picture of his daughter by his bunk and she looks to be about three or four years old.  Well, he was in a bit of a weird mood this afternoon.  Come to find out his sister had written him a letter telling him one of his friends had been spending the night at Catfish's house with Catfish's wife.  Even further,
as Catfish explains it, his wife had reassured him this past weekend that this "friend" and not been hanging around her.  So basically what we have here is Catfish's wife possibly being dishonest and his friend possibly trying to hook up with is wife.  Catfish was expressing his extreme despair about the situation and was explaining how empty handed he felt because he was in a position here in jail to do absolutely nothing proactive to address his personal problems.  I'm sure he must have felt awful.

When he told me this story this afternoon I got an instant sense of relief that I had the opportunity to deal with a break up before I got in here.  As bad as I felt about mine I think it would have been 84 times worse had it happened after I came to jail.  Is it possible to retroactively thank someone for breaking up with you?  I think that is what I want to do right now.  Moral of the story...."be glad you're not Catfish".

Tomorrow we will talk about another inmate named Peewee.


  1. Andy-good to hear that you are coping as best as you can with the adjustment. I feel horrible about not being able to touch base before you went in. I want you to know that the mrs. and I are thinking about you and will anxiously look forward to the day we can all have a beer together. I will check in on this blog often and will post as much as I can to help you pass the time by reading some of the useless junk I post. For the time being just know, as I'm sure you already do, that you have a lot of people who love you and are looking after you. Take care and we'll talk soon-big daddy

  2. Yes Shane, I also heard he was on the move. Maybe he decided he needed a Road trip after a few weeks work ?????

  3. Good luck on your adventure in your new facility. Did you know it was coming this soon or were you surprised? What was the transfer like? I know it must be nervewracking for you, but remember, you got thru just fine on your trip thru county and you will be ok here as well. you have the ability to adapt to new surroundings and make the best of them, so this is just another chance for you to prove that. This was one of the most nervewracking experiences for me as a mother. However when I got that first letter telling me he was ok, I was so relieved. I must have read that letter 10 times! (still do read them over and over). It may take time to get writing supplies and stamps at first, so we will just have to be patient while you take care of the business you have to take care of.
    Again, you will be ok.

  4. I am so glad to hear that you are being moved so quickly!!! I know that you were not even eligible for parole until you were "checked in" to TDCJ. I am really surprised that they called for you so fast... I hope this means you will be home soon!!! I am looking for some kind of answers as to how long it will be before you are able to correspond with anyone on the outside. I assume that you are no longer in a county facility because you have not been able to use the phone. From what I have read that is the case in Prison. I am so glad that you are one step closer to getting out. I have a lot of confidence that you will be out soon! I have a big packet of letters, jokes and Information on the parole process in Texas that I will be sending as soon as I am able to send you mail agian! It is literally about 250 pages of stuff for you to read... hope it will keep you busy!

  5. Hey! I hope you are doing ok. I was so surprised when I got your mom's email about you being transferred!!! Then I got the letter you wrote on Sunday and based on what you had to say in it, I'm guessing you had absolutely no idea that you were being transferred the next day?!!! By the way, you were supposed to keep that data in hopes that it would help you a little when you get out...LOL!!! (just kidding) I was actually glad I got to read your comments (hope you got a laugh from all of mine, as well) I'll try to find more of the same entertaining and random stuff. I have an ongoing letter and will send it now that I have an address. Can't wait to hear what the past few days have been like!!