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He is now attending the class he must take before his release, and he will mention the journal entry memo they discussed that day in class.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


It's a litte after 9 and I'm up to eat breakfast with my dad.  My cousin is supposed to meet us too.  I'm having a couple of breakfast tacos.  I'm really not even hungry, but I know I better enjoy my last bit of decent food.  I will be visiting with my mom for the last time at about 10 am.

I got about 3 hrs of sleep last night.  I'm pretty miserable right now.  I talked to just about everyone yesterday that I wanted to talk to in person, but there are a couple that I really missed hearing from. 

Well, the food just got here so I guess it's time to eat some  breakfast.

Update:  30 minutes till jail.  Seeing my parents for the last time was so hard. I will get through all of this a better person.  I will miss all of my great friends and family and love every one of you.  Thank you for all of your support.  I hope to write again soon.


  1. Thinking of you and praying for your strength

  2. Thinking of you and praying for you. Maria

  3. Just remember if Martha Stewart got through it then you should be able to handle it !!!! ----- This is kinda off the subject but after reading all the comments I would kinda like to battle Shane !!!!!! ( maybe in the Netherlands ????? )------------ Eddie

  4. Walk with your head up but dont look down on anyone. treat others with respect and stay out of their business, choose who you hang with carefully, if you act normal normal people will find you, you act gangster... uh yeah... find God, take one step to Christ and He will take two steps to you. :)

  5. Hang in there Andy. Keep your head high and know that you are in thoughts and prayers of everyone.

  6. Eddie - Bring it boy!! I can still take you boy!! : )